The basic gameplay build is up and running on itch! Or at least it is in the handful of browsers I have been able to test it on.

The prototype includes: a placeholder title menu (with a button!), animated "Level complete" notifications, collisions between the player and obstacles, game over conditions when the player collides with an obstacle (or falls off the map) and an animated "Thanks for playing!" notification.

The next step is to put the kiwi in VapourKiwi ie. Learn how to model in Blender and how to re-topologize and export assets appropriately for Unity. Below is a roadmap of the steps ahead.

  • Develop a (basic) understanding of Unity
  • Build a working gameplay prototype
  • Develop a (basic) understanding of Blender               <-- I am here!
  • Model and implement player character (kiwi on a moped)
  • Implement "tilt" when moving left/right
  • Model and implement Tī Kōuka (cabbage tree)
  • Implement jump mechanics
  • Model and implement jump-able obstacle: horoeka (young lancewood)
  • Replace invisible level-winning-block with golden grub
  • Write an algorithm to randomly place obstacles (but in a fun way...)

As we can see there is a way to go! More on Blender in the next Devlog.

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Nov 27, 2019

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