Kia ora, world!

VapourKiwi is a kiwi-riding-a-moped through-an-80’s-dreamscape simulator. 

More specifically, VapourKiwi is going to be a vapourwave inspired third-person runner game (in the tradition of temple run and subway surfers). The player will take control of a kiwi riding a moped to dodge and jump around a variety of New Zealand native flora to get to the juicy golden grub at the end of each level.

The gameplay will be focussed on easy replayability, with simple controls and a tight gameplay loop. The player travels forward at a constant speed and crashing or falling off the map immediately resets to the start of the track. This is partly to limit the scope of the game, as I am developing it independently, and partly to ensure easy portability should I choose to develop a mobile version.

What makes the game unique is its roots in Aotearoa. This will be most apparent in the aesthetic and asset choices (a new NZ native tree obstacle will be introduced each level), but I also intend to have full te reo Māori as well as an English language option.

VapourKiwi is being built in Unity and the assets will be created in Blender. As this is my first project using either suite, getting the game to a playable state has been an uphill battle- on the other hand: it has been a great learning opportunity!


VapourKiwi 5 MB
Nov 14, 2019

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